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Lauch Announcement:
The Zero Day Project Announced To Fight Explosion in Web Attacks

Tel-Aviv Israel, and Reno, Nevada, 7-14-09 - Two data security firms have announced a new project to help fight the explosion in web site attacks.

Tel-Aviv–based GamaSec and Nevada-based Data Clone Labs have formed The Zero Day project, a partnership to protect data and fight cyber crime by scanning web sites for application hazards, and on research into so-called “zero-day attacks.”

“Zero-day” in the vernacular of cyber security is term for security flaws that do not have a patch available from the developer, and are therefore among the most dangerous threats.

The Zero Day Project will become a resource to the security community as it identifies these attacks, and develops advanced counter-measures,” said Ira Victor, Zero Day Project Director. Recently,,,, and other sites have all reportedly been victim to web attacks that resulted in the sites being blacklisted, or defaced.

Many web sites today are also vulnerable to web drive-by downloads. Web drive-by downloads are hidden threats that attack unsuspecting visitors to web sites. These attacks can by-pass firewalls, anti-virus software, and can break into Windows, Mac and Linux systems. Most web drive-by downloads are located on legitimate web sites that have been secretly booby-trapped by attackers.

The Zero Day Project’s web application vulnerability scanner does automated searches for security weaknesses in web applications and produces a detailed report with instructions for mitigating the threats. The Zero Day Project scans for known and as yet un-documented web site hazards.

Avi Bartov, GamaSec CEO comments, "Application vulnerabilities are the Achilles heel in the protection of websites. Well-known web sites that get attacked make the headlines, but lesser-known web sites are also being attacked, and they have even fewer resources to recover the lost traffic and reputation.”

About Data Clone Labs and GamaSec

Nevada-based Data Clone Labs is data security and compliance firm that helps organizations navigate security and regulatory waters. Data Clone Labs' has deep knowledge of web application security, PCI credit card security, and internal audits.

Israel-based Gamasec’s web application vulnerability scanning does automated search for security weaknesses in web applications and produces a detailed security report with recommendations for optimally matched solutions.

CONTACT: Ira Victor 775-636-7894. Email is faster, please use the link to form below.

The Zero Day Project will post the new zero day attacks it uncovers on the site for The Data Security Podcast. The Data Security Podcast is a weekly, thirty minute, audio news show on data security, privacy and law. Visit: Your free subscription to the show and the RSS feed on the site will get you the alerts on the new zero day threats that the project participants uncover.

The Zero Day Project is located in Tel-Aviv and Nevada. We happily accept submissions to the project, and questions about the project. We read all of our email, but in order to reduce spam, we ask that you contact The Zero Day Project using this email form.