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Hosted Groupware eMail, Wireless, eMail archiving, and Programatic Email Storage Management
With AlphaMail™, get full access to e-mail folders, contacts, calendars, and files from Microsoft Outlook/Entrourage, a web browswer, or from a wireless device. 

AlphaMail™ archiving is a regulatory compliance eMail archiving system, and AlphaMail Programatic Email Storage Management™  reduces the headaches and costs associated with long-term email storage.

  • Up to date: Any changes made to your e-mails, contacts, calendar and files in any medium, such as MS Outlook or browser access are kept up-to-date when accessed via any other medium.
  • Carry your contacts, calendar, notes and task list on the road in your smartphone, such as a Blackberry, an iPhone, an Andriod device, a Windows Mobile device, or other smartphone device compatible with BES or ActiveSync.
  • Work Offline: do e-mail, change contacts, schedule meetings and modify files from Public Folders - while disconnected from the Internet, such as while flying, etc. Outlook can keep an offline copy of everything in Outlook; any changes made in offline mode are synchronized.
  • Offline Availability: Outlook can create offline versions of all your folders, which are accessible when you're not connected to the Internet. This allows you to make changes while traveling, and then synchronize all the changes to the server when you reconnect.
  • Increase your Productivity with generous disk space

Collaborate Easily and Securely With Co-Workers, Customers and Suppliers:

  • Schedule meetings with your co-workers within seconds by viewing everyone's busy and free times.
  • Administrative assistants can view, add, change, and delete appointments on other users' calendars.
  • Eliminate scheduling conflicts for resources such as meeting rooms, equipment, etc.
  • Share Files, E-mails, Contacts and Calendars across the company, department, or project - all through easy-to-use MS Outlook.
  • SPAM, phishing, and pharming cause hours of loss of productivity. AlphaMail™ uses state-of-the art anti-scam technology that traps this content before it gets to your mailbox, saving you time and aggravation.

Maintain Data Security and Regulatory Compliance:

  • Enterprise-grade security system architecture
  • Enterprise managed firewall with stateful packet inspection and dynamic intrusion detection.
  • We perform automatic multi-vendor virus checks of all e-mails and attachments.
  • Your data is backed up daily for business continuity.
  • AlphaMail™ archiving provides complete email archiving in compliance with NASD/SEC, SOX, HIPAA, FRCP and other archiving mandates. Single instance storage, deep searches, logging and redundancy are all included.
  • AlphaMail Programmatic Email Storage Reduction Management™ helps organizations comply with regulations and mandates while containing costs and managing risk.

Return On Investment:

  • Save thousands of dollars by not having to purchase hardware, software bandwidth, wireless servers, email administrators and security experts to manage a mission critical part of your organizations communication system.
  • Upgrades: You no longer have to worry about keep up with the latest version of the software, hardware and security systems.

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