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Digital Forensics: Have The Data

The digital forensics and litigation consulting team at Data Clone Labs is led by two seasoned professionals, each with over 20 years of experience in multiple technology disciplines. The team passion for the law and the legal process and combines real-world experience with formal training and forensic certifications.

Data Clone Labs can help with cases involving computers, servers, mobile phones, tablets, email, graphics, and even data “in the cloud.” With the explosion in the use of digital data, there is a critical need for qualified digital forensics examiners in both civil litigation and criminal matters. Many times finding the right examiner can be one of the most critical decisions made in a case.

Data Clone Labs examiners are focused on understanding the relevant details of the case and the data. We do not relay upon software and reports to give us answers (known as “click forensics”). Our examiners have a deep understanding of how software acquired data, including the underlying methods of data collection. That understanding can pay dividends on the stand, especially under harsh cross-examination.

We go beyond that, though, by working to understand the meaning and intent of the actions that the electronic data indicates. Not just the bits and bytes of files or evidence. And since digital forensics is a fast moving field driven by innovation and new technologies, we continuously train, conduct research, and attend forensic seminars/conference. This also pays dividends on the stand.

Some forensic practitioners are “hired guns,” with a focus on twisting the digital data, regardless of the true nature of the facts, to fit a pre-determined outcome. At Habeus Hard Drive, we focus on looking at the relevant data, good or bad. We work for both plaintiffs and defendants, without pre-determined biases.

Choosing The Right Expert Examiners

Computer forensic examiners are not licensed, although some private investigator insist that licensure is a requirement in this field. Even though anyone can “hang a shingle” and call themselves a forensic examiner, a small, but dedicated community of professionals are focused on providing quality results. Organizations like The SANS Institute's Computer Forensics and Incident Response, and The High Tech Crime Investigator's Association. Ira Victor, Data Clone Labs team leader, is a member of both organizations.

It's also important to hire an expert that is experienced on the witness stand, and has worked in an area that covers your case. Many members of law enforcement, for example, may have experience in child pornography prosecutions, but not in complex civil matters, or other types of criminal prosecutions. Other times, experts are hired because they are “IT guys and they understand computers,” but they fall short in forensic examinations, and testimony. 

Please contact us and find out how Habeause Hard Drive can help with your case. Yes, we do have rush services available.
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