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Our History

Data Clone Labs was created in 2002 to help organizations protect and secure their information assets in an ever more regulated and litigious world. Begun as a consulting firm,  specific products were later developed to meet customer demands.  Our mission remains the same: to protect an organization's most valuable asset, it's information.

The founders met while working at Tandem Computers, an innovator in secure, fault tolerent computing. Today, Tandem is a division of HP.  Some 90% of the world's ATM machines are processed through Tandem's NeverStop systems. Tandem NeverStop systems power world's major financial markets and telecom systems. The founders bring their passion and expertise in information technologies, information security, and professionalism to the Data Clone Labs team.

Data Clone Labs serves chemical, financial, gaming, hospitality, government and legal entities with personnel in Las Vegas and Reno Nevada, and the New York Metro area.



Yuval Brash

Yuval Brash is co-author on a number of pending patent applications related to disaster recovery and electronic commerce. Mr. Brash has held various technical and executive positions with KPMG Consulting, Philips Electronics, Compaq, Tandem, Groupe Bull, and Digital Equipment Corporation. He is a member of New York InfraGard, an FBI-sponsored cyber-security organization as well as various Cable and Telephony organizations. Mr. Brash has spoken at and chaired numerous industry and technology seminars.

Mr. Brash’s proven skills cover a wide area of computing technology including firewalls, VPN, messaging systems, security and disaster recovery planning. He has designed and implemented a variety of back-office systems such as: accounting, customer service, EDI, trading systems, and electronic publishing. In his current role Mr. Brash has designed and overseen the implementation of Data Clone Labs Hosted messaging and data vaulting services.

Mr. Brash holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Columbia University School of Engineering, and is a SANS Certified Forensic Analyst.

Ira Victor

Ira Victor is in an information security expert, and a consultant to chemical companies, financial services companies, healthcare providers, gaming properties, law firms, pharmaceutical companies, and other firms with information security and compliance needs. Ira has 15 years of information security experience and is the co-developer of a patent-protected email security system that is in use by organizations internationally. Ira has led CLE classes on eDiscovery and Forensics in Nevada and New York State. He is also the Information Security and eDiscovery instructor for technology conferences around the US. Ira is President of the Sierra-Nevada Chapter of InfraGard. InfraGard is an FBI program that helps protect critical infrastructure and fight cybercrime. As a member of InfraGard, Ira undergoes FBI background records checks, and is entrusted with sensitive information.

Ira received formal information security training and certifications from The SANS Institute, the nation's leading information security research and educational institute. Ira holds SANS certifications in the ISO-27000 Security Standard, Payment Card Industry Digital Security Standard Auditor, Information Security, and Computer Forensics/Incident Response.

Prior to Data Clone Labs, Ira Victor was the Chief Compliance Officer for Silicon-Valley based ServOn, a security-focused data center. He was part of the team that developed secure eCommerce/Internet solutions for Macy's, Tandem Computer, 24 Hour Fitness, Waterford Crystal, UPN Television, and other firms. Ira Victor makes frequent media appearances, and is a sought-after expert on privacy and security. Ira holds an Honors undergraduate degree in Political Science from Temple University in Philadelphia.

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