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Information Security and Compliance Products
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Data Clone Labs is an information security and compliance professional services firm. We work with best-of-breed information security products.

Information Security regulations are being enforced with increased vigor. Lawsuits and settlements arising from data leaks are also increasing. Many organizations today face litigation, malicious actions, ineffective policies or audit trails, and an executive staff that is flooded with confusing legislation, litigation, and contractual mandates.

The best way to minimize your liability is to have experts on your side. Data Clone Labs can be your on-demand security team with the right security products for you organization.

Data Clone Labs' recommended products:

  • Anti-Spam – We offer anti-spam security appliances, and a hosted email protection service

  • Anti-Virus – We offer anti-virus and anti-malware solutions that consistently beat the leading brands.

  • Encryption – We help implement the right encryption solution that is right for your needs.

  • Firewalls – We offer the leading application firewalls and secured wireless solutions

  • Device/USB Security – We are the leading expert in Removable Medial / USB security

  • eMail Archiving – We offer industry-leading software and hosted recording of all email actives for FRCP compliance

  • Remote Access – Organizations today have more mobile data needs than ever, and secure remote access will improve productivity.

Security on Call™
Hire the experts to audit, improve or maintain the security of your firms information assests
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eDiscovery Services
We help win cases, because we are the experts in eDiscovery and FRCP compliance. * Erased or Missing Data  *Password-protected drives or files  *Chain of Custody  *Deadlines looming and need data recovered fast? Contact us now
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Get full access to e-mail, contacts, calendars, and files from Outlook, the Web, Archive
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Server Clone
Server Clone™
Off-site backup of your entire data image, with fast Virtual Machine and Bare Metal recovery
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Data Clone Vault
Data Clone Vault™
Secure, encrypted off-site backup of server, laptop and desktop data with fast data recovery
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