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Dependable, Encrypted Off-Site Backup With Virtual Machine or Bare Metal Full Recovery
Reliable backup and recovery is an important security issue for every organization. Many organizations still rely on unreliable tape to back up data files. The data is usually unencrypted on the tapes, and the tapes need to be sent to a storage vault off-site for safe keeping.

A growing number of organizations are backing up to remote data vaults, where the data is protected with strong encryption. Data Clone is a service that provides that type of service. Remote data vaulting provides for more reliable backup and recovery of data files.

Yet one of the most important elements of recovery is the fast restoration of data, software, settings, and configurations. With Server Clone, we provide a complete local vault that stores your data for fast local recovery. On remote vaults, the complete data is stored, so recovery can occur virtually anywhere.

Server Clone by Data Clone Labs offers:

  1. Encrypted off-site backup of entire drive partitions: data, software, settings and conifgurations

  2. Partition migration and data protection

  3. Fast, complete partition recovery to Virtual Machine or Bare Metal Restoration, and includes support for applications such as Exchange, SQL and other critical applications.

Server Clone offers hardware-independent restoration for physical to physical recovery, physical systems to virtual environments, virtual environments to physical systems and virtual environments to virtual environments. Server Clone is an excellent addition to environments running VMWare™ and other Virtual Machines for fast and reliable business continuity and system migration.


Server Clone benefits:

  1. Virtual Machine or Bare metal recovery for fast and complete recovery

  2. Schedule automatic full and incremental backups

  3. A simple view to quickly recover files and folders or update backup images

  4. Bootable recovery CD provides automatic hardware detection and network support

  5. Remote system recover

  6. Hardware independent restore of backup images to different systems

  7. Schedule automatic backups

  8. Schedule full or incremental backups of your system and data.

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