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Find the evidence, preserve the evidence, interpret the evidence, explain the evidence.


What we do:

We find digital evidence – in plain sight, or buried deep. We ensure that evidence is properly preserved.

We discover what occurred inside the device, or the network, and in what order. We simplify complex data. In strategy meetings, in depositions, or on the witness stand, we speak plain English.

We listen for facts, and we look for context. We help you draw inferences, craft strategies, support arguments.

We meet your deadlines, and court-ordered deadlines.

What we don’t do:

“Mouse click forensics” is not good enough for our clients. We don’t run a program, print a “forensic report,” and call it a day.
We don’t discuss our clients, or their clients, or their cases.

Digital evidence hides in plain sight:

  • Email/Voice Communicationshabeasharddrive_banner1
  • Mobile Devices
  • Surveillance Systems
  • Industrial and Building Control Systems
  • Automotive Systems and GPS Devices
  • Event Data Recorders (EDR)
  • Smart Gadgets and Web-Enabled Appliances