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A track record in security, forensics, and eDiscovery. And long travels through the digital realm.

The Data Clone partners teamed up in 2002, with a powerful portfolio of combined skills, and between us, more than four decades of experience in computer technologies.

As a company, we enjoyed nearly a decade of success providing email services. The business fostered a deep understanding of data transmission, storage, and access. It's a daily exercise in forensics. It also sharpened our understanding of eDiscovery and digital security.

All the while, information was gaining value as a strategic asset for business, and thus becoming a target for thieves. Financial and health care clients asked us for new ways to safeguard sensitive information. Electronic discovery became central to legal proceedings.

We've kept pace in the developing field of information security. We've been hands-on in the field, and we've received formal training. We've reached a mature understanding of preventive security, handling breaches, preserving evidence, and preparing for litigation.

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Yuval Brash

Director, Chief Technical Officer

Yuval Brash has broad expertise in the technology of disaster recovery and information security

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Ira Victor

Director, Digital Crime and Litigation Consulting

Ira has extensive knowledge of privacy, security, and regulatory matters related to information, and comprehensive training in forensics and eDiscovery.

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